Pictures of a Summer Trip to the Pacific North West, Summer 20007

A collection of Photographs taken in the summer of 2007 in the PNW. I was scheduled to meet up with many cyber-friends from FM Landscape Forum at Forks, Washington State, in Late August. I spent the six weeks or so leading up to this trip at brother Richard's house, in Victoria BC, and planned a visit down the coast to Oregon with Adrian Cray. This would be followed by a visit to the Canadian Rockies at Kananaskis, as well as Bannf and Jasper; staying with brother Stewart in Calgary, before returning home towards the end of September.

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 Sunset on a  Ferry

Cattle Point View

Looking North

East to Mt. Baker


The Moon Also Rises

Pappy's New Pond (3)

Powell River Dusk (2)


Nightfall at Glencoe

Misty Islands Panorama


Mighty Mountain

Malahat Sunset

Malahat to Mt Baker

A Visit to the

Olympic National Park,  Washington State;

to meet up for a photo-shoot, with friends and fellow contributors from the

Fred Miranda Landscape Forum


1. ONP Waterfalls

2. The Rainforests of Olympia

3. The Home of the Gods


4. The Beaches of La Push and others

5. Total Eclipse at Shi Shi

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