Martin's Photo Diary of a Winter Trip to Canada 2006/2007



Chapter 9: Cattle Point 

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Chapter 9. Cattle Point. As you drive into the City of Victoria, there is a scenic drive which turns off the main highway from the ferry and goes into the city centre via Cordoba Bay, Gordon Head and Cadboro Bay amongst many other places. There are numerous vantage points with excellent views to photograph.  The scenic loop known as Cattle Point is one such place, with great views over to the coast of Washington State in the USA. There are views across to the Olympic Range of mountains and, in a different direction, over to Mount Baker and the Cascade range. This year I spent some time at Cattle Point. Mount Baker is very illusive as it is very frequently covered in cloud, and you would often never know it was there. I have tried for years to get the feeling of this great peak onto film (or sensor), but its very difficult due to the cloud and haze.

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